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meet michaela

// Design activism is about using the power of visual communication to make positive transformation – specifically by raising the voices of individuals & groups that would be normally overlooked in our current communications environment.

Michaela Partridge is a feminist campaigner, writer and creative consultant working to advance gender equality by combining her life-long passions – human rights and visual arts. Her work on social development and inclusion issues has been grounded in the context of rural India, where she previously worked for RGMVP, a poverty eradication and women’s empowerment project in Uttar Pradesh. As a consultant, she has helped lead the visual impact of various non-profit’s missions – from visualizing knowledge for data-driven reports and program documents to designing new websites and creating visual identities for various podcasts.

Genderless Agenda has developed alongside Michaela and evolved as a creative lab and platform to fulfill her mission to advance gender equality by embracing the power of visual arts and voice in the processes for change.

“When you think of activism, your mind doesn’t automatically go to design, but most causes actually do have recognizable imagery associated with them that really helps get their message out. This is where GA comes in to help enhance this shape and carve out something recognizable that people can get behind.”

She has built a following on social media where she engages with news and culture through the lens of art activism, from print and even packaging design to provocative photography and animations. Mixing her own work with others, Michaela aims to engage, provoke and inspire audiences to question normative ideas around gender, sexuality and beauty to rethink a path forward.

Michaela has a Bachelor’s in Art and Religion from Syracuse University in New York and a Master’s in Gender and Development from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK. Read Michaela’s Advocacy Portfolio.

the name

Genderless literally means ‘without gender’ while still encompassing all of the qualities – masculine, feminine, both and neither. Fused with Agenda, the name suggests a plan of action or an ideological goal. Both words stand for what I believe in as a creative social lab. To serve a social purpose of building cultures of equality and catering to everyone, regardless of their identities and especially because of their identities.

the purpose

We need not look any further than the preponderance of pink for girls and blue for boys to see how deeply engrained our society is in gender stereotypes. The reality is that their consequences are far more dangerous than people realize. Genderless Agenda seeks to break these stereotypes through impactful communications and in turn, help activists and organizations do good, better.


Brand is often the first thing people experience from your organization, so it's perhaps unsurprising that branding comes down to answering some big questions. No matter the timeline or scope, it's a crucial pillar that establishes message and tone, affecting everything that follows. You want to get it right.


As a creative agency, design touches nearly everything we do. Branding, web design, marketing materials, and presentations. With my focus on social change, I work hard to ensure it treats people and issues with respect, and encourages audiences to reflect on the realities of the way we live today.


From a single tweet to a year-end report, everything your organization produces is a form of communication, and should form part of a cohesive whole. My work on messaging and communications, therefore, ranges from intuiting what's needed in the moment to deep dives into issues and audiences.