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Q&A with Michaela

What is at the heart of your "agenda" as a creative partner for gender equality?   What I’m about as a creative partner for gender equality is real life. The mess, the beauty, the pain, the joy — all of it. And immersing myself in that. I talk about how I’m working with organizations who ultimately seek to help those affected by inequality and exclusion…but the reality is, we all are. Because what affects one affects us all. Allowing ourselves to be thin-skinned enough to be affected is absolutely crucial. I want to feel that suffering inside, because out of that place hopefully is birthed some...

Why Genderless Agenda?

I didn’t set out to be a creative agency. “Genderless Agenda" actually started in 2014 as a punchy little Instagram account and healthy alternative to biting my nails in grad school. Studying the nuances of gender and international development took me here, there and back again with ah-ha moments coming out of my ears and reflections teeming from my head. My posts became the antidote to my feminist fumblings, allowing me to gripe and grapple whenever needed. Over time, some themes began to emerge on the page: the dangers of gender stereotypes, the importance of cross-cultural understanding, and the power of visual arts in change...

My Pursuit of Justice After Sexual Abuse

Warning: This article contains sensitive content regarding sexual abuse and assault that may be triggering for some readers. Since I was a little girl, I hated hospitals. That sterile smell of rubbing alcohol and those cold laminated floors made me want to scream. This day was no different. Lying on a hospital bed, rolled out paper crinkling beneath my naked body, I felt like a piece of raw meat on parchment waiting to be inspected. “Are you ready?” The nurse asked from behind the curtain. Ready for what? I thought. Why the hell am I here? I want to go home. Muzzling my frustration, I answered as...