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Developing the Gender at Work podcast identity

Branding, Social Media, Web Design

The fight for gender equality is far from over, in fact it has intensified. We are seeing powerful resistance to change and patterns of dysfunction repeated in many societies but also successful organizing by dedicated women and men all over the world. Universities and student-led movements are also strong sites for challenging intersectional power relations but often do not overtly address the social relations of gender. The Gender at Work Podcast was created to engage with these conversations, and GA was confidently awarded with the job of crafting the podcast’s identity.

In developing the logo we had to walk that fine line between creating a strong identity in its own right while ensuring it worked seamlessly alongside the Gender at Work master brand. We explored a variety of approaches and concepts – from recognizable podcast imagery to unique activist typography – but ultimately realised that simplicity was key in maintaining the balance.


The final logo used for the podcasts’ album artwork on iTunes combined a cloud-like flat image in the shape of a brain with a sassy, slightly funky script marque displayed across the center. Inspired directly by the podcast’s jingle, the idea for the logo was to capture the same stalwart attitude and strong sense of solidarity for women’s rights. We also selected a color palette to reflect this, pictured below. Above all, we wanted to bring joy and optimism to the identity, showing the positive power of rethinking and reimagining change for a feminist future.




The social media pages and final website highlights audiences personal impact on the issues discussed in the podcast, and provides a deeper understanding – with helpful resources – of our connection with gender equality. Check it out, and also be sure to listen and subscribe on iTunes here.

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Gender at Work


February 2, 2018