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Helping a global feminist network find their voice

Communications, Web Design

In the face of increasing inequalities and a myriad of new challenges facing women’s rights and women’s rights defenders, Gender at Work wanted to revive its mission – one that better communicates its far-reaching impacts as a unified global network focused on building cultures of equality. We were tasked with figuring out how to talk about and present it.

Reviving the mission and ethos of a global network 20 years in the making required just as much creativity as it did listening. In our initial stakeholder and engagement surveys, we learned that audiences are well acquainted with Gender at Work, but less so with its collective influence as a powerhouse resource center for the field of gender equality. We needed to use their familiarity to our advantage, while taking care to set their global network apart as a unique scholar activist database that lifts up the dignity and independence of those involved.

And so, with emphasis on a comprehensive ‘resource center’ and a bold new color palette, the unified look and feel of Gender and Work began to emerge. Soon, content was chiseled to describe the organization’s approach, share success stories and showcase the people behind the processes. Explore the site for the full effect and take a spin through the organization’s work, holistic approach and impacts.

We really appreciate it when we can work alongside our clients from the very beginning and, much like Gender at Work itself, this project was fun, collaborative, and had a real impact on the work that followed. We look forward to seeing where the network goes from here. Don’t wait to explore their shiny new website and learn about the important work they are doing around the world!



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Gender at Work


February 1, 2018